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Inn Between Worlds Logo (colour variant)

Odd Gods is an indie '90s-style' CRPG about the 1990s.  An isometric tactical role playing game about subcultures, the power of music, and facing your pop culture demons.

In early development from Inn Between Worlds, a new studio formed by industry vets in Melbourne, Australia.


There is no chosen one. A grungy, low fantasy story set at the end of the 1990s. 

Classic 'isometric' camera on 3D characters and scenes.

Colourful, 'low budget B-Movie' Art style


Subculture class system based on 1990s archetypes (Skateboarders, Goths, Ravers, Jocks, Nerds etc).

Music Genre 'alignment' system (Mainstream, Alternative, Underground).

Party-based turn-based combat system ('Same Phase' system with no RNG, no % to hit, just tactics).


Narrative features branching paths and multiple endings.

Hand-crafted exploration, narrative and combat content. No level-scaling, no procedural generation, no random encounters.


Original subculture soundtrack recorded with period instruments (where possible).


90s-era difficulty. Odd Gods is not a game for the faint of heart, but the system is 'fair'. Friendly fire is on by default. No bullet sponges. No resurrection spells - death is final... Mostly.

Take modern weapons back to older eras (Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern) and vice-versa, but keep an eye on your ammo count and penicillin, for example.

.... No elves, no magic swords, orcs, or any of that guff. 

Estimated length: 12hrs including side content: 
(a) we're a small indie studio and don't have the capacity for more
(b) we actually want players to finish the game. 


Pre-Alpha Screenshots
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